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September 2013,Dhaka,Bangladesh Online Registration
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Professor Jeffrey D. Sache of Columbia University commented about Bangladesh that the country has placed its foot on the 1st rung of the ladder of development, economic growth, improvement of health and education. The World Bank predicted that if Bangladesh could raise the GDP to 8%, poverty would be halved. The world famous Merrill Lynch stated that Bangladesh is probably the best reform story in Asia. Union Bank of Switzerland envisioned Bangladesh as the 12th economic power of the world in 2050. So if we want to emerge as a country with economic muscle for real, we need to be globally competitive. We have to have massive investment in the economy to be the leading position in the global landscape.

DCCI feels that in order to achieve the objectives of Sixth Five Year Plan (SFYP) and Vision 2021 of Bangladesh, we need to be globally competitive and should have huge inflow of investment to reach the targeted goals.